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Neil Jaddou

Family Medicine


Sterling Heights, MI

Main Description




Program Overview

  • Outpatient family medicine office in Troy and Sterling Heights, Michigan.
  • Minimum 4 weeks. 
  • Learn EMR: Program directors will want you to know and be efficient in Electronic Medical or Health Record.
  • U.S. health system: Get familiar with the American health system.
  • Present a patient and do H&P: Practice on presenting a patient and do history and physical examinations. 
  • Document virtual visits and do telemedicine visits via HIPAA Compliant carrier. 
  • Diagnostic studies: Learn how to interpret basic lab tests and radiology data such as blood, urine, X-rays, EKG and PFT.
  • Increase medical knowledge: Expand your medical knowledge and build on your differential diagnosis.
  • USMLE emphasis: Improve your scores on CK, and USMLE Step 3.
  • Free online lectures: Online lectures given by Dr. Jaddou on common problems in family medicine, taken from future textbooks by Dr. Jaddou.
  • Publish articles: Opportunity to publish patient education articles in the community newspaper.
  • LOR: At the end of the rotation you will receive a letter of recommendation that has a university and hospital logo.
  • Certificate of completion: Given at the end of the externship. Also, the possibility of a student of the month award and finishing with honors.
  • Leadership: You will have an opportunity to be chief extern and teach others.
  • Community work: Volunteer in the church clinic once a week.
  • Safe: We are in the very nice city of Troy and Sterling Heights, Michigan.

Eligibility criteria

  • USMLE not required
  • Immediate availability. Start any day that is convenient for you.
  • All visas are accepted.


Visit our website www.americanexternship.com/ for details. Email us at: neiljaddou@yahoo.com or call (586) 722-7240 if you have any questions.


Required Documents:

1. Legal Status: Your visa to the USA or Green card or US passport if US citizen.

2. Your information: CV

3- Dates: Exact dates you desire.

You must complete these in order to reserve:
  • Proof of Visa or Green Card or US citizen